How To Boost your Ranking on Google Maps

Google maps is one way to boost your search engine optimization. It’s a mapping service application that’s used not only on many people’s computers but also their mobile devices. It’s important to you as a business owner to show customers and prospects where you are but if you’re not listed on the first couple of results, it may be more difficult to capture their attention. Here are __ ways to boost your ranking on Google Maps.

#1 Get a local business listing in your city. This is perhaps the single most important thing you can do. Make sure your address is listed correctly.

#2 Make sure your business is properly categorized. A gift store showing up in the toy store results isn’t doing you any good.

#3 Make sure your keywords are in your local business listing title. For example, if your store’s name is Sue’s Creations your keywords should have “gift baskets” added to the listing title.

#4 List your business’s proximity to the city’s center. This helps people determine how far away you are.

#5 Get customer reviews. This is not only a great way to earn a higher Google maps ranking but they can also motivate customers to visit your store. Reviews provide social proof, credibility and authority. The more good reviews you have, the better.

#6 Make sure your keywords are also contained in the description of your business.

#7 Make sure your location keywords are in your business listing. For example if you’re in Austin, Texas make sure the words Austin & Texas are in your business listing. People search by location and this will help you reach the top of the results.

#8 Aside from your listing there are things you can do on your website to increase your Google maps ranking including making sure your address and phone number are on every web page. This will help ensure the search engines find you no matter what page they’re indexing.

#9 On your website you’ll also want to make sure your city and state, and local keywords, are in the title tags of your website.

#10 It’s important to make sure you have plenty of incoming links. These links of course should be quality links from relevant websites. This shows Google you’re a valid business.

#11 Location keywords in your inbound anchor text is also said to have tremendous weight with Google Maps. So if someone is linking to you they might say, “Check out this Austin, Texas Gift Basket Store.” And link to you with that anchor text.

Google Maps is a valuable tool for both business owners and potential customers. Use the tool, optimize your business for it, and you’ll see an increase in visitors, sales, and profits.

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