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Happy HolidaysVeepee12-24-11  04:19 pm
Happy Valentine's Day All !!!!Sherrill02-14-10  03:40 pm
Mickey made it to round 6!!!!!!!!!!Mavenbeth09-06-09  09:54 am
Have a great weekend!Giftbasketassociatio06-19-09  03:46 pm
Happy Monday!Giftbasketassociatio06-01-09  11:10 am
Happy Mother's Day Everyone!Giftbasketassociatio05-10-09  12:05 am
Ace Young's new music!Telegift08-07-08  06:49 am
How much do charge for designing other companys3089dl07-02-08  08:42 am
Disney Parody explanation of Copyright Law and Fair UseAdmin11-19-07  07:30 am
Chicago BoundTinavoid10-23-07  02:39 pm
2007 recipes to shareTere10-04-07  08:46 am
A FUNNYRhondawi10-04-07  10:04 am
Kitchenaid stand mixer.....Tere09-16-07  09:19 am
Cataclysmic Internet FailureAdmin08-26-07  09:52 am
Spode Christmas Tree....Tere08-14-07  05:52 pm
My brother-in-law, amputee firefighterGracej08-13-07  09:53 am
Moving Pods or Relo Cubes- on the road again....Courtney07-24-07  11:41 pm
Idea for race week basketSherrill06-03-07  08:28 pm
How much to charge for custom shopping basket3089dl06-03-07  12:21 pm
Flavor strawsMavenbeth04-12-07  08:51 am
Florida Designers are you safe?Dawnsie02-06-07  12:55 am
Great site for woman who want great skin!Carolynb02-02-07  11:34 am
THIS IS REALLY NEAT.....TRY IT......Mavenbeth01-31-07  07:45 am
Happy HalloweenAdmin10-31-06  12:13 pm
Hey Cindy, How was your lunch?Marilyn10-30-06  04:15 pm
Part 4 on ovarian cancerBeckymc10-15-06  01:11 pm
Part 3,ovarian cancerDeva10-15-06  09:12 am
Part 2 of ovarian CancerDeva10-15-06  09:10 am
Part 1,an eye opener of ovarian CancerDeva10-15-06  09:05 am
General Mills Box TopsTmharris10-25-06  10:15 pm
Funny Kdeer10-11-06  11:34 pm
Mother's Dictionary...Rememberme10-09-06  12:53 pm
24" & 36" Metal StarsHeather09-15-06  09:45 am
Blooming orchidSherrill09-29-06  01:44 pm
High school reunionTere11 10-05-06  09:42 pm
Spoiled Puppy Patsy07-29-06  07:43 am
PuppiesMtnrose12 07-22-06  03:03 pm
What a Difference 30 Years Can Make...Lpenda07-20-06  03:16 pm
Midlife Is...Coloredpencils07-12-06  06:47 pm
What Is That Stuff? This One Is BAD!!!Wanda06-30-06  12:38 pm
Looking for Guerilla marketing bookEhoupt09-15-06  11:25 am
Spaghetti Sauce....Lpenda06-21-06  10:21 pm
Delivery Suspicion...Kdeer07-14-06  01:41 pm
My little container gardenTere06-16-06  09:15 am
The Birth of a Humming BirdTere06-05-06  07:10 pm
From my dear friends at UPS.....Alayne06-01-06  02:23 pm
Fitness guru's-elliptical machineSherryd10 06-21-06  09:53 am
Another day in paradiseTere05-24-06  08:29 am
Cell Phones in AlaskaAlayne05-23-06  01:13 pm
ADULTS ONLY- Review these drugs carefully...Alayne05-20-06  09:33 pm
Man's Best FriendTere05-19-06  11:14 pm
Lori Kidwell from The Goodie BasketTouchofbaskets05-10-06  02:59 pm
New Scam! Pass on to the women you care aboutTere05-09-06  07:41 pm
Polish potteryTere05-12-06  08:57 am
Radiation and chemoLpenda16 05-01-06  09:37 pm
Great OpportunityEhoupt05-01-06  06:04 pm
Prayers for Kelly in St. LouisTere07-09-06  10:47 pm
My fernsSherrill04-30-06  04:36 am
Crohn's & ColitisLises04-04-06  03:21 pm
Interesting date!Alayne04-04-06  09:11 am
Hip surgery Tere20 08-19-06  10:32 am
Chocolate lava cakeLagniappe04-04-06  10:32 pm
Could use your help....Emaline03-26-06  03:08 pm
More Fruitcake Lady... Now this is funny!!Jandjcreations03-13-06  09:33 pm
My daughter's interviewGrandmac03-17-06  03:36 am
Promotion - had to share!Marilyn17 03-12-06  10:11 am
We Must Stop This Immediately!...Kdeer03-08-06  04:36 pm
Orchids are all Blooming :-)...Mavenbeth03-08-06  07:45 am
Our new baby guinea pigTelegift11 03-12-06  02:50 pm
Never buy a puppy from a pet shopAlayne03-07-06  01:08 pm
Important stuff I have learned...Lpenda02-01-06  09:29 am
Telemarketer (You Will like This One!)Kdeer01-27-06  07:09 pm
Important Update!Mavenbeth01-25-06  11:16 am
Group Collects Valentines for TroopsGail01-24-06  06:08 am
Need help....I'm in constant and significant pain.Tere13 03-14-06  09:07 am
Say Something Positive...Lpenda12-29-05  11:17 am
A Dieter's ChristmasLpenda12-22-05  08:40 pm
Part 2 of 2Touchofbaskets12-12-05  08:47 am
Mom's Letter to Santa (Part 1 of 2)..Lpenda12-11-05  07:55 pm
Tech-No-Logic (Part 2)Lpenda11-25-05  06:09 pm
Tech-No-Logic (Part 1)Always_gifts11-25-05  04:50 pm
12 Reasons to be Thankful You Burnt the Turkey...Lpenda11-23-05  01:32 pm
A Unique Ebay AuctionAdmin11-25-05  08:19 pm
In celebrationRose444711-16-05  10:35 am
How to cook a turkeyTere11-12-05  09:24 pm
Thought this was timely and worth sharing...Lpenda11-09-05  09:20 am
Dumb question about knitted scarves- menTere11-10-05  06:31 pm
Halloween--spookyLizm10-29-05  04:27 pm
Keith Urban Fans - Detroit Tickets Available!Grenville10-28-05  11:39 pm
Men Will Never LearnDasdesigns10-24-05  07:48 pm
Singing TurkeyAyweston10-24-05  02:11 pm
Do Not Touch!...Lpenda10-24-05  01:53 pm
Favorite fragrancesTere10-22-05  01:24 pm
The World's Thinnest BooksTere10-20-05  03:14 pm
Awareness Test...Lpenda10-19-05  10:32 am
Polite Ways to Say Your Zipper Is DownSvin41510-12-05  04:09 pm
For Dog Lovers Only...Kdeer10-12-05  10:30 am
PMS BluesEhoupt10-01-05  08:36 am
This is a BIG NO NO!!!Aplaceforbaby09-30-05  02:13 pm
Radiation therapyTere09-22-05  10:18 pm
Skim Milk...Grandmac09-09-05  03:00 pm
Allow me to explain... Patriciaann09-06-05  09:00 pm
Anyone Know About Direct Buy?Sherryd09-04-05  08:04 pm
Goodbye to my friends Grandmac15 10-20-05  11:19 am
Need High Cholesterol HelpTracy_dixon08-30-05  10:47 pm
Please voteShardt11 08-18-05  08:00 am
TO ALL THE KIDS WHO SURVIVED the (part 2)Rose444708-12-05  07:29 am
TO ALL THE KIDS WHO SURVIVED the (part 1)Rose444708-12-05  07:27 am
Candle ScentsKelbysmom08-09-05  02:30 pm
Daily Motivator (interesting)Sweetie3108-04-05  05:20 pm
AdoptionTere07-27-05  09:11 pm
Paid in Full...Message07-25-05  12:10 pm
To Kill an American... Part 1 of 2Berlee07-19-05  11:11 am
Bless my nutritionistKdeer47 10-08-05  05:24 pm
Harry Potter Info NeededMavenbeth07-11-05  09:50 am
Home SchoolersAdmin07-15-05  06:30 pm
Police Calendars- Good Charity Effort too.Mavenbeth11 07-13-05  10:20 pm
Becky McAllister is inviting you to Insider PagesAdmin07-27-05  09:23 pm
The Late Preacher...Lpenda06-23-05  09:01 am
Have we discussed dry mature skin yet?Carolynb21 10-30-05  03:41 pm
Evening Classes for Men (no bashing intended LOL)Mavenbeth06-18-05  09:58 am
Almost burnt my house down last night :-(...Mavenbeth06-13-05  04:57 pm
<<Lipstick - HELP>>Kdeer08-27-05  12:20 pm
Looking for buttonsTdickerson05-21-05  07:17 am
Boomers and Before BoomersAlayne05-18-05  01:40 pm
Price Reduction.....Lpenda05-12-05  08:30 am
Career GoalsSandee05-06-05  09:52 am
Facial Preference StudyDasdesigns05-05-05  07:57 pm
Part 3 of 2 (Don't ask!)Lpenda05-04-05  08:36 pm
2 of 2Sweetie3105-04-05  02:57 pm
Mom's Definitions (1of 2) ...Lpenda05-03-05  09:08 pm
Newest Scam - If it's too good to be true....Admin05-02-05  02:50 pm
Cold Call GiftsAlways_gifts04-28-05  10:09 am
Ceramic grout cleanerMavenbeth04-24-05  09:05 am
Breast Cancer StampsAplaceforbaby04-21-05  09:50 pm
Gray Hair...Lpenda04-13-05  10:08 am
Daddy's Day at School - part 2Ehoupt04-11-05  01:43 pm
Daddy's Day at SchoolRose444704-11-05  01:25 pm
Good Old Dave.....Kdeer03-17-05  10:19 am
Martha's Way vs Maxine's WayMavenbeth03-13-05  12:55 pm
The Perfect HusbandKdeer03-10-05  01:11 am
Men say DUMB STUFFMavenbeth03-08-05  05:30 pm
Photo Opportunity Cparkman03-05-05  09:37 pm
Getting OlderMavenbeth03-05-05  09:13 am
At the Salon...Lpenda03-03-05  10:16 am
The Palm GiftsNank03-01-05  09:30 am
Written by Andy Rooney Tammylee02-28-05  10:05 am
CONTINUED= Why we love childrenMavenbeth02-22-05  08:08 am
CONTINUED= Why we Love ChildrenMavenbeth02-22-05  08:07 am
Why We Love ChildrenMavenbeth02-22-05  08:05 am
Staff addition!!!Jestnotes02-20-05  06:35 pm
PLEASE be aware of hoax calls!Nank02-12-05  05:47 pm
ONE MORE FOR A SMILE>>>>Lpenda02-12-05  12:03 pm
Only in AmericaMavenbeth02-12-05  08:46 am
Please help me with this project...Lpenda02-08-05  04:24 pm
Florida Senior CitizensEhoupt01-28-05  02:28 pm
Some of the artists from the '60'sGail05-13-05  08:24 pm
Winter SunriseMavenbeth01-28-05  07:51 am
Spring is in bloom! Snapdragons, anyone?Dumplin11 01-29-05  09:23 am
I had to post this!!!Zoe01-24-05  06:18 pm
Collecting assorted items to send to our troopsTere08-22-07  02:03 pm
Virus AlertAdmin01-18-05  07:54 am
For Dieters (and would be dieters): Nutridiary.comRev_pat03-05-05  08:20 pm
Wedding help needed, pleaseThe_palm_gifts02-28-05  07:56 pm
Continued from aboveKdeer01-11-05  12:33 pm
Some REALLY important advise to pass on!Mavenbeth01-10-05  08:37 am
Invitation to all! Recipe Exchange BoardGrandmac02-09-06  03:03 am
A Reminder: Chocolate is a Vegetable......Lpenda01-06-05  08:46 am
MY WISH FOR YOUR NEW YEAR Lpenda01-05-05  07:29 pm
Tsunami reliefGail12-29-04  07:39 am
Fave retailersCps01-01-05  01:21 am
Post Your Easy, Favorite Christmas Recipes!Susansmiles12-22-04  10:14 am
WANTED: Some beautiful SNOW PICTURES!Kdeer12-18-04  10:26 pm
How Many Feet?..........Kelley12-18-04  12:42 pm
Humor for our Friends in the Military...Lpenda11-26-04  09:58 pm
Getting Older....Kdeer11-18-04  02:36 pm
Another Opportunity to Help Our TroopsAdmin11-17-04  04:13 pm
Support for me :-)...The_palm_gifts11-01-04  01:58 pm
Please help me I'm new at this :-)...The_palm_gifts10-30-04  08:00 pm
Trick or Treat!.........Lpenda10-29-04  10:25 am
For Moms & GrandmasShardt10-29-04  09:02 pm
Personnel Request...Kdeer10-21-04  07:36 pm
Here's a Google Ad gone haywire!Dasdesigns10-17-04  03:23 pm
Your kindness is needed...please readPinksweats15 10-03-04  07:25 pm
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