How to Create Buzz in Your Small Business

Want to bring a lot of customers to your small business without spending big bucks on marketing? You can, by creating buzz. Instead of using money to create awareness, you use word of mouth to generate awareness. It doesn’t have to cost you a dime.

Here are a few ways to create buzz for your small business.

Feature a Big Name

Can you get a big name on an interview? If so, you can generate a lot of buzz. Go to national networking events in your industry to meet well-known individuals and see if they’d be willing to be interviewed.

One great example of this is the Learning Annex. Before landing Donald Trump as a guest speaker, they were earning less than $1 million a year. The Learning Annex’s founder took a big bet when he offered Trump $1 million dollars to speak.

That day, they packed more than 10,000 in the audience when they’d never had more than 2,000 before. Today they have many millions every year.

Appear on a Radio Show

Come up with a controversial topic or stance and market yourself to radio show hosts.

Post an ad in the Radio Television Interview Report (RTIR), the main place where show hosts go to look for experts.

Call up local stations and offer to be interviewed about whatever topic you want.

The spicier you can make whatever it is you’re seeking publicity for, the better. Try to come up with an exciting angle.

Throw a Party or Event

In Silicon Valley, there’s a small start-up whose founder knows just about every big name in the valley. This CEO isn’t a millionaire, yet he knows many of the millionaires in the area.

How does he do it? Simple – twice a year, he throws a giant boat party. He invites all the biggest names in Silicon Valley. The big names come because they know the other big names will be there.

By being the organizer, he generates a lot of buzz for his company and generates a lot of connections.

How can you do something similar in your industry? How can you throw a unique party or event that’ll get people talking? Google does it by having big name bands playing for their staff. Of course, you can also do it without spending a lot of money just by getting creative.

These are just a few ways you can create buzz around your small business. Generating buzz takes a bit of creativity, but it also takes the willingness to act and put yourself out there. Come up with a few different ideas and take action on the most audacious ones. Those are often the most likely to succeed.

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